Pairing Caribbean Lobster and Williams-Selyem Chardonnay

The last day of local lobster season on Turks and Caicos…we came prepared. Since this is our first ever real vacation (i.e., no business, no kids) in 10 years of marriage, we were not leaving important details to chance. So, while the locally-brewed Turks Head beer is awesome, we brought some wine from our own stash and gladly paid the duties. And when it comes to great pairings, nothing beats barrel-fermented Chardonnay with lobster. Even Caribbean lobster, which is different–more savory and briny than Atlantic coast lobster. Oh, and no claws. But no worries mon because baby got back–these lobsters have huge, meaty tails. My husband John split them right down the middle and grilled them with butter. It was an unbelievable food and wine pairing–the perfect sunset supper to kick off this vacation. Since I packed the wine, I will be putting John through the paces with some “blind” challenges (he loves doing blind tastings) and we will be pairing other island cuisine with great wines so stay tuned. Awesome.

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