Wine Course: Blind Tasting Wine–John and the First Mystery Red

Blind tasting wine is a deductive process. You see, swirl, smell and sip to determine both what it is, and what it is not. In this case, the slightly limpid color fading to orange at the rim, the forward red cherry fruit, cardamom spice, and satin-y tannin were great giveaways to the wine’s varietal, region and even vintage. Watch along and see if you can figure it out the way John did. Why the shades? It’s the Caribbean, mon! Not everyone blind tastes wine at the beach but hey, everything’s better at the beach. Visit the Rochioli website for more info.


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  1. Jill Shubel
    Jill Shubel says:

    Wow, impressive tasting abilities John! Andrea, loved seeing your expression whenever he would hit the nail on the head. Fun, informative, educational, and from the beach. It doesn’t get better than that!

  2. Sky
    Sky says:

    OK – as always, a fantastic job by John (this was only the 3rd or 4th ‘take’, right?! – just kidding). Excellent descriptions – e.g., ‘blood’, ‘metal’, ‘leather’ – Hmmm, have you been listening to Opeth or some Swedish death-metal bands on your trip to the islands!?). Seriously – this was a great vignette, as well as a stellar lesson on how to approach reading a complex wine. Both of you guys are amazing. Please do more of these. The only question I was left with was, since you kissed Andrea for bringing the wine, what does Joe get? 😉


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