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A great Paris wine bar for Bordeaux lovers: L’Ecluse.

Catching up with James Sichel in Paris over a glass of Chateau Palmer 2001–just now ready to drink. Elegant! I was looking for the perfect Parisian place to film the next installment of my Deltavideo tasting notes, and James suggested L’Ecluse. There are actually five l’Ecluse locations in Paris featuring dozens of Bordeaux including classified […]

New York City Wine and Food Festival

New York is a great city for foodies.

When my husband John and I did our food, wine and travel show Local Flavor, we had the chance to eat in great restaurants all over the world. Of course, I am perhaps a little biased having worked in top New York restaurants for years, but with so many datapoints (and calories) from great foodie cities, I can say New York is still one of the world’s greatest restaurant and wine cities.

The Perfect Paella and Wine Pairing?

Paella and wine are a natural, because they both come from wine country–Spain’s wine country.  “But the whole country of Spain is wine country,” you are thinking.  And you are right!  And the whole of Spain is Paella country – everywhere doing it a bit differently, as it is with wine.  Arguably the classic Paella […]

Tour de France–Bikes, Bites, Bouteilles

The best view of the Tour de France is surely through a glass of Rhone Rosé from beneath the jagged peaks of the Montmirail that punctuate the southern Rhone course of the 16th stage. Unfortunately I didn’t manage to pull off both simultaneously :). But I’ll take any day my Chène Bleu Rose and Maillot […]

Happy Auction Napa Valley!

Bon Appetit’s piece on their ’10 Favorite Hotels’ in this month’s issue features two of my favorite hotels in the US, who also happen to be big fans of The ONE – Blackberry Farm and the Inn at Palmetto Bluff. I was thrilled to see these two tremendous properties get the nod from Bon Appetit, […]

Visiting Burgundy Wine Country

Visiting France’s Burgundy wine region is an easy foodie side trip from Paris, thanks to the TGV service to Dijon (yes, France’s mustard HQ is also the gateway to Burgundy wine country). Here’s a little taste of what it is like to visit the home of the world’s most magical Chardonnay whites and Pinot Noir […]