A great Paris wine bar for Bordeaux lovers: L’Ecluse.

Catching up with James Sichel in Paris over a glass of Chateau Palmer 2001–just now ready to drink. Elegant! I was looking for the perfect Parisian place to film the next installment of my Deltavideo tasting notes, and James suggested L’Ecluse. There are actually five l’Ecluse locations in Paris featuring dozens of Bordeaux including classified growths, by the glass. The only problem is the glasses. You will want to request a better stem than the standard-issue. They have them at the bar. No they do not have Chateau Palmer 2001 by the glass that was brought special for me because I worked the harvest there in 1990 and am convinced my blood sweat and tears are now part of the terroir expression of the wine:). No blood and sweat in the bouquet–red cherries, violets, smoky autumn leaf pile, sweet tobacco. Bewitching!

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