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Food, wine, and travel are my passions, so join me for the latest news about what’s hot and current in What’s New. Check out the best wine glasses, The One, sign up for my Video Wine Course, discover my top rated Wine Picks, visit my favorite restaurants in Foodie Travel and try out my quick and easy Recipes and Pairings. Thanks for joining me…Cheers!

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The Summer of Riesling: Kick it off with my German Riesling Video

It’s officially the Summer of Riesling 2014! With this quick and beautiful German Riesling video you can kick it off […]


Auction Napa Valley 2014 – Live!

Today’s Auction Napa Valley 2014 live auction begins in one hour. Check out the video series I’ve bee hosting on […]


Auction Napa Valley 2014 – A Video Sneak Preview!

Auction Napa Valley 2014 is fully underway, and the buzz, bidding, wine and food are amazing. I’m hosting a video […]


To Celebrate the 2014 James Beard Awards: My TV Dinners with Sara Moulton and Ina Garten

Savoring James Beard Award nominations and TV times with Sara Moulton and Ina Garten


Coravin: Wine by the Glass (or Blind Taste :) Without Pulling the Cork

Have you checked out Coravin? It’s a tool that let’s you pour a glass (or blind taste, as my husband […]


Wine Course Blind Wine Tasting Practice: John and A Mystery White

Another episode of Beach Blanket Blind Tasting-Play along!


Wine Course: Blind Tasting Wine–John and the First Mystery Red

Blind tasting wine on the beach? Why not!


Pairing Caribbean Lobster and Williams-Selyem Chardonnay

The last day of local lobster season on Turks and Caicos…we came prepared. Since this is our first ever real […]


The Tenth Date of Christmas: Breakfast, then Shopping

…an early dating memory


The Eighth Date of Christmas: Remembering our First Date and the Seduction of Cheese

On the eighth date of Christmas my true love shared with me…a “first date” memory.