Riesling: #1 in the Big Six Grapes

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As a sommelier, I know what some consumers don’t love about Riesling – not knowing what you’re getting in terms of dryness or sweetness. Here’s a little help with that.

Drink Riesling all Summer: How to Tell How Sweet It Is (and Why You Shouldn’t Sweat Sweetness Anyway) 

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Summer is the perfect season to embrace Riesling in all its juicy, refreshing glory. Why? Because it’s the vinous version of the cooling quaffs you’re already drinking: tangy fruited wheat beers, Margaritas, Mojitos, Mai Tais. Riesling even has the same flavor range–fruits from citrus to tropical; mouthwatering acidity; in many versions heady aromatics mimicking agave, mint, and flowers; and, depending on where it’s grown and the winemaking style, some sweetness.