60 Second Sommelier: How to Open Sparkling Wine

This year, as many of you, I was so ready to say 👋 BYE BYE 👋 to 2020 with a bottle of bubbles—but(!), opening sparkling wine must be done with care! The ~5-6 atmospheres of pressure in each bottle—that results in the fine stream of bubbles we all love—can also result in a shotgun-style opening. It may be fun and celebratory, but trust me—those flying corks can hurt and do some damage!

Check out my quick demo on how to properly and safely open a bottle of sparkling wine. If you want to learn more (or brush up on your knowledge) about Champagne, I’m teaching a deep dive-style class on the region and wines in my Great Wines of the World series on February 20, 2021. See the link in bio to learn more & register.

I hope you had an amazing New Year’s Eve celebrating the end of such a crazy year with family or quarantine-pods, and also hope you drank some great bubbly (safely) while you’re at it. Cheers!