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With Wine Types, all you need is a corkscrew and a glass to get started learning by tasting.

From the basics of how wine is made, to opening the bottle, to ordering wine in a restaurant, you’ll learn from the pros, and enjoy a backstage pass to the world’s great wine regions. Whether you want just a sip of wine savvy, or true grape guru status, be sure to take the quizzes and track your progress. The prize? Bragging rights of course, and a tasting set of my The ONE stemware*.

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Wine Types

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Intro to the “Big 6”

The best foundation for learning about wine is what I call the Big Six grapes: …

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The “Big 6” – White Wine Grapes

This is the perfect tasting for you to lock in floral and mandarin orange-y Riesling, lime-and-herb-scented Sauv Blanc, and fruit-drenched Chardonnay. After this tasting you’ll know what body style and taste to expect from the 3 most important white grapes in the quality wine world.

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Tasting the “Big 6” Red Wines

To taste it is to know it, and these 3 red grapes are THE most important to know–you see them everywhere! You’ll also see the range in tannin and body between smoky-cherries Pinot Noir, cedar & blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, and pepper & berries-tinged Syrah. Don’t mind if I do!