The Third Date of Christmas: Pizza–perfected?

On the Third Date of Christmas we got silly–as we always do–with gifts. We get so excited about some of them that we end up busting one or two out per night, well before the big day.  More time to enjoy them, right? This time it’s a Breville pizza maker raving all over its box about the crispy crust you’ll get. We’ve tried everything else (green egg, stone, grill) short of building a pizza oven outdoors. (The folks we know who have them say don’t bother since it takes the entire day to heat. So John has turned his attention to the notion of an outdoor paella pit. Problem is we don’t have enough friends for one of those:)

Will we achieve my idea of pizza perfection, which is Pizzeria Mozza in Los Angeles? Doubtful. They’ve got the water, flour and method of pizza in Naples, Italy, perfectly reverse-engineered.  The crust is amazing.  The toppings whether traditional or creative are pristine. My favorite, fennel pollen, is a summertime thing so I’m praying for a passable home version of this crusty perfection so we can do a Napa-litan pizza that would do Mozza Pizzeria’s chef-partner Nancy Silverton and all the pizzaioli in Italy proud.

The pairing? Rose, or shall I say rosato, and beer/birra. I personally love rosatos from Sicily and IPA (India Pale Ale-style beers) with pizza. Buon Natale!


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