Pairing Principle: It‘s the Prep not the Protein–the Proof’s in the Pesto

You were all so nice to watch, share and comment on my “Prep not the Protein” Facebook Live video, so I want to follow it up with one of my favorite videos we have ever made (way higher production value than Facebook Live, but both types of video connection have their place:).

[jwplayer player=”1″ mediaid=”30316″]

It is normally a part of the subscription-only video wine course, but I have re-posted it here with no restrictions, so enjoy and let me know what you think.

Oysters and Napa Cabernet? Oh, sweet sacrilege–I love that you are thinking I am nuts right now.  The secret sauce to this primo pairing is indeed pesto (the couple in this video had no idea what I was springing on them), and I am inspired to pair with pesto right now, as we all probably are, by the bumper basil crop in farmers markets and gardens right now. (Hog Island Oyster had arugula pesto, but the classic origin-protected basil pesto alla genovese is an even better pairing.)

And, if you don’t cook?–Let’s be accurate that making pesto is cooking–granted, without heat, but you are prepping ingredients and processing them, in this case in a food processor, or mortar and pestle if you’re industrious around old-school ways and dishpan hands at cleanup. It’s ok. You still can experience the revelation and reverie of Napa Valley Cabernet as a summertime wine. There are 2 options: buy quality pesto alla Genovese in a jar (I don’t have a reco because I make pesto by the gallon and freeze it:) and top some oysters or just crunchy bread, OR, swap your Genovese for Caprese. Yes, both basil and tomatoes are in season right now and the pairing of farmer- or home-grown tomatoes, basil leaves and buffalo mozzarella WITH Napa Valley Cabernet (I am loving Sequoia Grove 2012 right now) will rock your world. No heating up the kitchen. You’re welcome.