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30-Minute Wine Whiz Wine Course: Wine and Food Pairing 101-My Core Principles

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The Core Pairing Principles:


  • Body with Body
  • Place with Place
  • Complement and Contrast
  • It’s the Prep Not the Protein


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Wine and food pairing is not hard–if the cork is out, it’s a match:) Actually there is a kernel of truth to that statement. Wine’s key component of acidity makes most food taste better, so most any dish will taste better with a glass of wine than alone or with a soda or milk.  But taking your wine and food matches from good to awesome is not hard, either. These core principles are easy to learn and apply because they are intuitive. Put them in practice with tonight’s dinner and I promise you’ll be thrilled with the results and eager to move on to your final 30-Minute Wine Whiz Video: Pairing 102.