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30-Minute Wine Whiz Wine Course: Wine and Food Pairing 102-It’s the Prep Not the Protein

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The “preps” to consider when pairing:


  • The Sauce
  • The Seasoning
  • The Side Dish
  • The Cooking Method


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Sommeliers and chefs use this concept intuitively, and it’s powerful, so I thought it was time to teach it with a specific example. In this video I cook steak–red wine with red meat, right? It’s certainly a solid bet, but what you’re really matching there is body with body, a concept you learned in the Wine and Food Pairing 101 video, rather than the color of the protein and the color of the wine. In this video the pairing with steak depends on the sauce served with it. As you’ll see, sometimes a white wine makes the better match. You’ll have to try it to see for yourself. And be sure to check out the video One Dish – Six Grapes in my Complete Wine Course for a great pairing party idea based on this concept.