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30-Minute Wine Whiz Wine Course: The Best Wine Glass, Serving Wine, Preserving Wine Leftovers

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Wine Whiz Musts:


  • The right wine glass–not too small or large
  • The right serving temperature
  • A little love for your leftovers


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The wine glass, the serving temperature, and the leftovers–if you nail at least the first two, you’ll bring your wine enjoyment return on investment to a whole new level.  The right wine glass and the serving temperature are so important to the balance and complexity of a wine that I’m convinced that half the time people say they don’t like a wine, it’s because the glass was too small or too large, the serving temperature was wrong, or both.  The glass size is critical to showcasing a wine’s scent or bouquet–which is where all the flavor and complexity lie. No nose, no taste. And the wine serving temperature is key to the proper balance between acidity, alcohol and tannin, the wine’s structural elements that are a huge part of the experience. And when it comes to leftovers, nobody likes pouring half their wine investment down the drain. I’ve got easy tips for extending the freshness window of your open bottles. Next up, Wine and Food Pairing 101.