How to – Taste wine like a pro

Video: 5m 42sec Quiz: 5 questions

Tasting wine like a pro is a lot of fun and it will help you get the most from your wine. Wine pros use a 5-step process that we call The 5 S’s of tasting wine – See, Swirl, Smell, Sip and Savor (or Spit). In this episode, I meet up with Barbara, a visitor at the Kendall-Jackson Wine Center to learn and practice the 5 S’s.   Be sure to get the wines so you can taste along. Kudos to Barbara and thanks to KJ for sponsoring the whole week on Wine 101. Enjoy!

5 “S”teps for Tasting

  • See the wine
  • Swirl the wine
  • Smell the wine
  • Sip the wine
  • Savor or Spit the wine
  • Use a great glass – like The One 🙂