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We just completed our first Great Wine Made Simple live tasting series with eight, great shows, and had so much fun connecting and learning that I was asked over and over to “keep it going”. Well, I’m all-in, so here are my first-of-spring offerings, inspired by your requested topics.

So whether you were part of the first series and have been missing our standing Wednesday (wines-day) appointment as much as I have, or will be joining me for the first time –  welcome!!

Check out the class details below, sign up, and get the wines ahead of time if you want to taste along with me and our growing group of wine buddies from around the world.  As always, we’ll have a blast and learn a lot.

Check out my new first-of-spring class schedule below for a taste of what’s to come. See you there!

Andre Robinson Teaching

Great Wine Made Simple First-of-Spring Series

These are just the first of a whole year of fun offerings I’m cooking up. So, if you haven’t already, be sure to sign up for my email list – see above – to get notified of the new programs, and receive some pretty lavish subscriber discounts. Let’s start with an insider discount: all 4 spring classes for bundled special price of $99.

Supermarket Wine Finds

Easy to find treasures: 3 readily-available wines that over-deliver for the $, and their best easy food pairings!

Wednesday, April 7 at 4:00PM PST

Some people think that if something is easy to get or popular, it can’t be that great but not me.  Lot’s of people thought the band Journey was great until they had a hit at which point they had “sold out” and were “commercial” and therefore, no longer cool.  Well, I love “don’t stop believing” and I love a lot of broadly available and very popular wines.  And because sometimes you have the time to head into your favorite wine shop and chat up the experts, to find the perfect wine, or order wines on-line for a tasting with Andrea:), other times you don’t, so you need some tricks and picks for finding a treasure without the hunt.  Together we will taste through 2 broadly available but still awesome wines (at 2 different price points) that punch above their weight and I’ll also show you how to pair them with some easy and awesome bites for both great everyday dinners at home, and those days when someone lets you know they are coming over last minute—you can still impress!

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The wines – Trefethen Chardonnay or Cambria and and Rodney Strong or Calera Pinot

Trefethen and Calera allow us to celebrate friends and/or people we want to work with

Date Night: “Cooking for her” – Andrea and John share stories, cooking tips, and great pairings for courting in the kitchen.

Wednesday April 14 – 4:00PM PST

This is John.  Many of you have come to know me from the chat stream and the occasional question or needed technical fix on set but, for this class, I’ll get out from behind the camera to join Andrea as we share some great dishes and pairings I served while I was trying to impress her (before we got married (not now of course:)).  If an untrained chef like me can impress a three time Jame Beard Award winning Master Sommelier, you can do it too.

One key to putting a great meal on the table is to start with great fresh ingredients. In this class, you’ll accompany us to a local Farmer’s market for great spring veggies and fresh seafood and we will re-create our first “KitchenDate”.

Staglin Chardonnay or x Chardonnay and Rodney Strong Pinot or Williams Seylem (or Cabral)

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Andrea Teaching

Discovery wines – You might not have even heard of then but they are amazing.

Wednesday April 21!

During our first GWMS sessions I had a lot of requests for a session on “disscovery wines” so here it is, 2 of the most interesting wines you will probably love and might not have even heard of…

  • Sella y Mosca Cannonau
  • Tablas Creek Claireette Blanc

And I’ll pair them with,,,,

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100 Point Cellar – that doesn’t break the bank:
It can be done!

Wednesday, April 28 – 4:00PM PST

Ok, ok. So I don’t actually do the ‘this wine gets 95 points’ thing. However, after many years of practice—I know a great wine when I taste one, and I certainly understand the draw! I’ve been asked many times how to put together an amazing collection of wines to lay down or have on hand in the cellar that won’t break the bank—and I’m here to tell you: it can be done. You just have to know where to start, and that’s where I come in! We’ll cover a variety of topics during this event, including: how to find wines that already have a few years of age on them and are ready to drink, wines that’ll age for the long haul that won’t break the bank, and a few splurge-style wines that are super quality and still offer “value”. Building a layered collection is so fun, and pays off so much! I hope you’ll tune in.

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