Greetings and Thank You! – 10% Off Code & Glass Prep Tips Below

Thank you so much for purchasing The ONE wine glasses! Below you will find your VIP discount code to receive 10% off any and all future purchases of The ONE from this website, as well as instructions to prep your glasses upon receipt to make the most of your wines. Even if the glasses have been stored in your cabinet, it is a good idea to prep them in this way if you have not used them in awhile. (A video demo will be posted soon.) Happy tasting!

VIP Discount Code  – Please use the coupon code ANDREAWINEVIP to receive a 10% discount any time you purchase The ONE from this website. Complimentary Amazon Prime 2-day shipping also applies to all eligible orders.

Preparing Your Glasses (to remove dust, etc.) – All newly-purchased wine glasses (and cabinet-stored glasses if you haven’t used them lately), are likely to have some dusty residue. With time, humidity in the air (even a little) can cause the residue to cling to the glasses and dampen the wine’s scent and freshness. But it’s no problem! You just need to “prime” the glasses.

How to Prime Your Wine Glasses – Direct from the experts:  Sit-down restaurants in Italy – where they take their wine and food very seriously (and we love that!), prime every glass by pouring in about a half-ounce “rinse” of wine, then tilting and rotating the glass so that the wine comes in to contact with the entire inside surface of the glass, capturing any residue. This same wine gets poured and circulated in each glass being primed (keeping the wine quantity used small), and then is discarded. The glasses are then ready to go.

If the wine we being served is special and/or spend-y, I often prime the glasses with a less-pricey but still tasty wine, to preserve every drop of the “good stuff” for drinking.

Bottom Line When it Comes to Wine Glasses: Dust happens. And it does diminish your wine experience. Now you know what to do!