The Top 10 Wine Myths – Part 1

Video: 4m 42sec Quiz: 5 questions

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This is my list of the top 10 wine myths that I always dispel right away when teaching beginners. We’ve all seen the know-it-all who flaunts their so-called wine knowledge by using fancy terms without really knowing what they mean, or opining on the the “rules” of wine. Not fun!

Once I really began to learn wine, I was humbled by how much there is to learn. I was also excited by the idea that I’d never be able to master everything, because I knew I would never get bored with the topic. You begin to realize just how much there is to know and that despite all of your study, you still know just a fraction of it. That is why the real experts are almost never “wine snobs”. And, the self-appointed experts, the real wine snobs, are often just plain wrong. They certainly are if they are saying:

• Bubbly is only for special occasions
• Rose is not sophisticated
• You must smell the cork
• Sweet wine is not sophisticated
• Red wine should be served at room temperature

Watch the video to learn the real deal!