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Personalized Wine Glasses – Our etching program

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Personalized Wine Glasses, what a great way to get your logo in front of your customers.


I have many requests for personalized wine glasses or wine glasses with a company’s logo on it for branding and/or gifts and events and over the years I have seen the impact these marketing investments can have. What’s even better is that putting your logo on a set of wine glasses is really quite easy.

Steps for Personalized Wine Glasses

1. Purchase The One wine glasses and select the etching option at checkout.

2. Provide the information needed to etch the stems on the forms that will come up after your purchase.

3. Have a great event and enjoy seeing your customers enjoying wine while clearly or subtly getting the message that you care about them.

There are 2 options for where to put your logo on the personalized wine glasses.

1. On the bowl

2. On the foot.

In terms of cost, we simply pass along the fees from our etching company, California etching dudes plus a small additional fee of 25cents per stem for our cost of handling.

We have had great success with the program and so have many of our partners. Check out their comments below

“I love the program, it really made sales jump”…Joe Smith, Infiniti Automobile Company

“The Personalized stems that Andrea provides are of top quality”…

“I loved seeing our logo on the wines stems that everyone was using and carrying at the Pebble Beach Food and Wine Festival”…