Delta Sky Club Special Wine Feature: Faustino Rioja

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Spanish Rioja should be a part of every wine lover’s repertoire because there is so much complexity and deliciousness for the money. This video reveals what makes the red wines of Rioja so special. Enjoy!

1. The grapes used to produce Faustino Rioja Reserva are (check all that apply):
2. The flavor characteristics of Faustino Rioja Reserva are (check all that apply):
3. The minimum aging time for Faustino Rioja Reserva is:
4. Long aging before release contributes what to the Faustino Rioja Reserva (check all that apply):
5. True or False: Faustino has 24 million bottles aging in its cellars.

IMPORTANT: This quiz can only be taken once. Please feel free to watch the video as many times as you need before taking the quiz.

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