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The 30-Minute Wine Whiz Mini Wine Course-My Holiday Gift to You!


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6 Videos+30 Minutes=Wine whiz (You!)



  • How to Choose a Bottle of Wine
  • How to Open a Bottle of Wine
  • How to Taste Wine Like a Pro
  • Wine Glasses, Serving, Preserving
  • Wine and Food Pairing Basics
  • Wine and Food Pairing-Andrea’s Top Tip


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My holiday gift to you is the gift of wine knowledge, with this free 30-Minuite Wine Whiz mini video wine course. I am confident you will enjoy this gift year-round, every time you enjoy wine. Share this course with your friends and family, or better yet–watch and learn together. Wine is meant to be shared, and it’s a lot more fun when you can share the fun and discovery of learning with a tasting buddy. You can share the costs, too–pooling your wine budgets lets you try and compare more wines. And that’s perfect, because the best way to learn about wine is to taste it. Ready to get started with the first video–How to Choose a Bottle of Wine? Enjoy!