Pro Wine Tasting Tips for #DrinkWineDay 2017

While most every day is #drinkwineday for me (that’s the fun part of my job), lately I’ve been putting the 5 S’s of tasting through their paces tasting a lot of candidates for future serving on Delta. Here’s why you should always use this classic tasting technique.

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Tasting wine like a pro with the 5 S’s of tasting isn’t just for the pros.  YOU need to use this technique too.  Yes, the 5 S’s are critical to evaluating a wine’s quality, identifying a wine blind and other pro pursuits. But, they are also critical to making the most of every glass. So, take the time to give each of the S’s their due:

1-See, or sight – Wine is beautiful, and the color can be a tip-off to the wine’s body (darker wine is usually fuller-bodied) or its age (golden in white wines and terra cotta in red wines starting at the rim, can indicate age).

2-Swirl – Aeration creates the cloud of scent in the bowl of your glass.  Without scent, there is no flavor. ‘Nuff said?

3-Smell – Like I said, without scent, there is no flavor.

4-Sip – Here you will get the texture and structure/body of the wine. You will also get more flavor from the scent vapors caressing your olfactory senses while you sup.

5-Savor – A complex, layered finish is a sign of quality and is, of course, yummy and exciting – something we all want lots of, right?

Follow these steps every time you buy and enjoy a wine. You and your budget deserve it! Happy #drinkwineday.