Thanksgiving Pairings Inspired by my Delta Sky Club Wine Picks

Travel the wine world in this video of my Delta Sky Club wine picks, then bring it all back home for the holidays with some great Thanksgiving pairing ideas.

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When it comes to Thanksgiving wines that pair perfectly with the big dinner, here is what you want:

Spicy – from oak, or from spice-sparked grapes like Tempranillo and Sangiovese, to pick up the many lusty flavors of the meal

Nutty – also from oak barrel fermentation and/or aging, to complement the caramelized flavors in many traditional Thanksgiving dishes (including dessert!)

Earthy – as especially found in old world wines, to match the earthy flavors in classic Thanksgiving side dishes

Great Structure – that means notable acidity, which cuts through richness and perks up the many layers of flavor in the Thanksgiving repast. With that in mind, here are some can’t-miss pairings:

Faustino Rioja Reserva – Spicy from the oak aging and Tempranillo grapes, this wine loves a traditional roast turkey, and rustic sides like herbed stuffing and roasted root vegetables. Check out my tasting video on this wine. ~ Tignanello – This Sangiovese-based super-Tuscan splurge wine is another great spicy, full-flavored choice for the turkey. ~ J Pinot Noir – I love an earthy-silky Pinot for Thanksgiving dinner when the sides have similarly earthy flavors – think mushroom stuffing or wild rice pilaf. White wines are also winners with turkey dinner because the acidity cuts through the richness of gravy, and the flavors suit many sides. For example, if yours is an oyster stuffing, choose Domaine Long-Depaquit Chablis for its great food-enhancing acidity, and minerally oyster affinity. ~ Cakebread Chardonnay – The nutty toastiness from barrel fermentation complements nut-flecked stuffings, and the generous fruit parallels the hint of sweetness in side dishes like yams and winter squashes. Noval 10-Year-Old Tawny Port – We can’t forget dessert! The rich candied-pecan nuttiness of this Port is the perfect partner to pumpkin pie and other holiday desserts.