Napa Valley: America’s Heart Center of Food and Wine

I could not have said it better than our Napa celebrities, Chef Thomas Keller and the late, beloved Margrit Mondavi. Napa Valley really is America’s food and wine heart center. We celebrate the special-ness of that this Auction Napa Valley week.

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Though short, these interviews with Napa Valley icons (Chefs Thomas Keller and Ken Frank, Mark Harmon of Auberge Resorts, and the late and beloved Margrit Mondavi) are nevertheless pointed and priceless.

All were interviewed separately, and each in their own words made the same point about the singular role of the Napa Valley in America’s food and wine firmament.  It’s the heart center. It’s the only place in the country that fully stands for food, wine and hospitality at its pinnacle.  But as Chef Keller told me in an interview during last auction, the hospitality industry is about taking care of people, including taking care of one’s own.

These themes sum up what matters about Auction Napa Valley. I hope you will check it out via the e-Auction all week, and our educational pop-up mini-courses this Friday June 2 (schedule in this blog post). And when you can make your way here in person, we’ll role out the red (and white and rose and sparkling!) carpet for you.