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With Andrea Robinson, MS

With Andrea Robinson, MS


Special Club Champagne, Take Two

Jan 31
11:30 AM Pacific Time
This feels like another year when we’ll all need lots of bubbles—and as such, we’re ready for another Champagne tasting! Join me on Sunday, January 31st as we dive back into the lovely world of Champagne with my friend and Champagne enthusiast-aficionado Jessica Di Fede, of Grace Under Pressure. If you joined our tasting in November, you’ll recall that we tasted and talked at length about how ‘special’ Special Club Champagne is—and if you didn’t, check it out! These Champagnes are small production bottlings made by Grower-Producers—families that produce Champagne solely utilizing fruit from their own vineyards—which is rare in Champagne. They’re also single vintage, have strict aging requirements, and must pass two blind tasting panels of expert-peer review before being awarded the illustrious ‘Special Club’ designation. These producers are all part of a consortium called the Trésors de Champagne, which translates to treasures of Champagne. During this tasting, we’ll chat about and taste two newly-released Champagne bottlings, both of which are being showcased in California for the first time. One will be the Loriot-Pagel 2014 Special Club Brut, and the second will be a Premier Cru Brut Rosé bottling made by Hervieux-Dumez. We’ll talk about the differences in these bottlings—single vintage versus multi-vintage, how brut is made versus rosé, what pairs well with the different tasting profiles, and more! I am thrilled to offer the wines available for sale here. As mentioned, these are tiny-production bottlings, rare to find, and likely to sell out! I strongly encourage you to purchase a bundle of these delightful Champagnes to taste along at home. With Valentine’s Day on the horizon, these would be an excellent addition to your celebration! Cheers, and I hope to see you on the 31st.  

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