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With Andrea Robinson, MS

With Andrea Robinson, MS


Pairing Holiday Cookies and Wine

Dec 20
1:00 PM Pacific Time
I have been baking holiday cookies since I was old enough to wield a rolling pin. I have been pairing them with wine ever since being introduced to the duo of Italian Vin Santo (made from raisined grapes) with biscotti. OK, I know the Tuscans say NOT to dip them but it's soooo delicioso I can't help myself. Since I'm planning to warm my kitchen and spice the air with some weekend baking, I hope you'll join me for some playful cookie pairings - both traditional and some merry "mashup" recipes that tweak the taste of a classic cookie for even greater wine affinity. And I hope you'll chat in and share your favorite recipes and pairings. When I was a kid, we always did cookie swaps with the neighbors - sharing a few extra dozen so each of us went home with a cornucopia of each others' greatest hits. It's a little different this year, but at least we can swap sip tips!

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