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With Andrea Robinson, MS

With Andrea Robinson, MS


Labor of Love: Wine & Olive Oil at Trattore Farms

Sep 11
4:00 PM Pacific Time
For our live tasting to send off a Labor Day week celebrating the "work" of wine, I'm joined by Tim Bucher of Trattore Farms in Sonoma County's bespoke Dry Creek Valley, where Zin vines and centenarian olive trees cling to rolling hills, and to a winemaking and olive-milling tradition cultivated by the Franciscan friars of the famous Sonoma Mission. Tim is what you get when you cross a Silicon Valley tech nerd with a Sonoma County dairy farm boy: specifically, a tractor, wine and oil nerd who wants to leave the land better than he and his family found it. To that end, pictured is a whole barn just for composting - and, see the water drains at the end? Compost "tea" is their infusion of water through the compost, which liquid is circulated back to the vines through their irrigation system. Think of the compost tea as a "green drink" for grapevines, eliminating the need for commercial/synthetic fertilizers and allowing the compost to do double-duty. Join us as we talk the "work" of wine (and olive oil), both old-school and new tech. When you mix the best of the two, you get superb wines, sublime olive oils, clean, land-loving farming and frankly, the good life.   We will taste the signature Trattore Farms Estate Tractor Red based on estate Zinfandel plus Grenache and Mourvedre, as well as the Miller's Blend olive oil that's simply screaming purity and subtle spunk - is that oxymoronically possible? Yes it is - think Audrey Hepburn (or, Mary Louise Bucher, Tim's wife and the Master Miller). See ya there!

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Dry Creek Olive Co. California Tuscan Olive Oil - Code Andrea2020

Sublime and subtly spunky, from their estate olive trees in Sonoma's Dry Creek Valley.

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Trattore Farms Estate Tractor Red Blend - Code Andrea2020

A plush, spicy and beautifully balanced blend dominated by juicy raspberry Zinfandel, with pomegranate Grenache notes and some heady cardamom spice from the Mourvedre grape. Yum!

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