How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Video: 3m 35sec Quiz: 3 questions

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Opening a bottle of wine is easy, with a little practice. If you are tasting along with this wine course, you’ll get plenty. Here are some of my favorite tools for opening a bottle of wine:

A corkscrew

A lever-pull (great for opening multiple bottles quickly)

An Ah-So (great for older, soft, or brittle corks)

How to Open a Bottle–In the video I carefully demonstrate each step:

  1. Cut the capsule just below the “lip” near the bottle’s opening
  2. Remove the top of the capsule, or foil, covering
  3. Insert the augur all the way by twisting carefully
  4. Anchor the lever on the bottle lip with your grip
  5. Smoothly pull the cork until almost out
  6. Gently rock the cork the rest of the way out with your grip