We are keeping this really simple so you can enjoy the football game (or if you’re not a sports fan–the commercials).

To be eligible to win, your entry must be posted as a comment on the post page. While we would love for you to share the post with your entry in your social channels, this is not a social media (e.g., Twitter or Facebook) contest. You are not required to register your email to the site to post a comment, but doing so will make it easier for us to contact you if you win.

All comments to the site are moderated for approval prior to being published to the site, and we reserve the right to withhold approval of any comment for any reason.

Entries may be submitted until the end of the 2nd quarter of the Super Bowl live broadcast on Sunday, February 1, 2015, at which time the contest will be closed.

We will announce our winners on the post page, and on the home page of the site. If you win, we will need a way to contact you so either register/login (it’s free) to post your comment, or watch the site for our announcement of the winners, and contact us at [email protected]. Winners will be announced by the end of the day on Super Bowl Sunday, February 1, 2015.

Thanks for entering, and I look forward to testing some winning grilled cheese and wine pairings! It’s a tough job…