Delta Sky Sommelier Wine Course Tips for Success

Watching the Delta Sky Sommelier videos and taking the quizzes is a lot of fun. It’s also a little challenging, and you will feel a real sense of accomplishment when you complete the program.  Here are some important guidelines, and tips for success:

Watch the videos first – You are required to watch each video prior to taking the associated quiz (where applicable).

Take notes while watching the videos – Quizzes can only be taken once.

Each participant’s Final Exam is unique to them – When you take the final, you will be served a random sampling of quiz questions from throughout the program, so review your notes before beginning.

Complete each quiz in one sitting – You cannot begin a quiz, quit and then return where you left off.

You need a score of 85% or higher to pass the course – This is calculated as an aggregate average of all quiz scores.

Use an up-to-date computer browser to access the course – The best browsers for this course are Google Chrome and Mozilla Firefox. Safari on Mac also works well. For best results, use the most current browser version available.

Most technical issues can be resolved by using a current, supported browser (suggestions above) – If you need technical help, call 404-855-0770 and leave your name, 6-digit employee number, and a description issue. You will receive a response during business hours (9-5 pm, EST) within 1 business day.