Delta Sky Club – Wine Service Basics

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I brought together some of Napa Valley’s finest winery educators from our partners Jordan, Trefethen and Duckhorn, to show how wine service techniques from restaurant dining can be used in the Delta Sky Clubs, and even onboard Delta flights.  Some of the key techniques you’ll learn about include:
  • Presenting the bottle with panache
  • Checking back after service to ensure the customer is enjoying the wine
  • Describing the wine in a way that is enticing but not intimidating
1. Which of the following should be included in your verbal presentation of a bottle of wine to the customer (check all that apply):
2. When describing a wine to customers you should say any of the following (check all that apply):
3. After serving a wine to a customer you should check back to ensure they are enjoying it:
4. To assist a customer trying to choose a wine by the glass you should:

IMPORTANT: This quiz can only be taken once. Please feel free to watch the video as many times as you need before taking the quiz.

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