60-Second Sommelier: Special Club Champagne

You know you love Champagne, but few Champagne drinkers are aware of how unique and special it is for growers of Champagne grapes to actually produce wine from them.

Yet think of how many great chefs have turned to farming their own ingredients to have full control over the food quality–whether it’s the great Thomas Keller (of The French Laundry) employing a full-time staff to tend his gardens across the street from the restaurant, or the inimitable Vitaly Paley cultivating vegetables and honeybees on the hotel roof where his restaurant is located. Likewise, controlling quality from the grape to the glass, and sourcing from only top sites in the Champagne region, help these bespoke producers ensure these are like-no-other wines.

I’ll talk about Special Club Champagnes in one of my LIVE tastings with Jessica Di Fede, the Ambassador of Bubbles for Grace Under Pressure, a new Napa-based Champagne importer.

We’ll taste two extremely limited bottlings from grower members of the Club Tresors. Club Tresors (which is French for “treasures”) is an association of like-minded Champagne producers. 

Join us on November 29 at 11 amand get the wines in advance! But for now, watch my 60 Second Sommelier to get all the info!