The Vintage – The Harvest Year

Video: 3m 24sec Quiz: 8 questions

Vintage is an important “V” in my four “Vs” of wine. Cutting right to the chase: when it comes to wine, EVERY year is a “vintage” year. If that’s news to you, guess what–you’re not alone!

This video will clear up the confusion around the 3rd V – as well as alleviate, now and forever more, your stress around whether or not you are getting a “good year.” Just call me your wine therapist. (Hmm…if I could charge those kinds of hourly rates, think of all the great wine I could afford!)

Does Vintage matter?

  • For most wines, the grapes are harvested over a wide enough area that differences year-to-year are small
  • For collectable wines that you might cellar, vintage does matter.
  • Great Bordeaux Vintages include: 1947, 1961,1982, 1989, 1990, and 2005