Video Wine Course


With this wine course, all you need is a corkscrew and a glass to get started learning by tasting. From the basics of how wine is made, to opening the bottle, to ordering wine in a restaurant, you’ll learn from the pros, and enjoy a backstage pass to the world’s great wine regions. Whether you want just a sip of wine savvy, or true grape guru status, be sure to take the quizzes and track your progress. The prize? Bragging rights of course, and the knowledge to confidently choose and try new wines across the price spectrum.

Welcome to Andrea’s Wine Course


Wine Course Welcome

Want to become a wine whiz-kid so you can leave your not-so-nifty 9-to-5 like I did? Or learn just enough to make your way confidently around a wine shop or wine list? You’re in the right place! You can poke around and watch just the topics and lessons that interest you, or take the entire….


Overview of the Course

After this course, the biggest barrier between you and enjoying a good glass of wine will be the cork! With my wine course, even the learning part’s fun, because you’ll do it by traveling with me to wine country, and by tasting along with your friends, which is the best part of all.

Wine Basics


Wine Basics

From the basics of how wine is made, to how to open the bottle, to ordering wine in a restaurant, it’s everything you need to know to get started learning by tasting.


Top 10 Wine Myths (part 1)

We all have a know-it-all friend or family member who really hits their stride when opining on the minutia of wine and the “rules”. Yuck! The funny thing is, often these self-appointed “experts” are just plain wrong. Once you really learn a lot about wine, you are actually humbled by what you …

Top 10 Wine Myths (part 2)

So if a wine gets a “98″ from some wine critic you should love it right? Wrong! (Unless that critic’s me of course, jk) That’s like saying you need a different wine glass for every grape, or that all bag-in-box and screw-top wines are bad, or that a wine has to be expensive to be good. There are…

Understanding Wine – The 4 “V”s

What are the key factors that determine what a wine will taste like? There are 4, often found right on the label. So yes, if you know about these you can tell a lot about what a wine will taste like, just from reading its label. Bingo! In case it’s not obvious, this is a BIG deal in your wine learning. And it’s…

The Varietal: The Grapes in Wine

One of the 4 V’s in wine, the Varietal, will tell you a LOT about what a wine is like, because it’s the main ingredient! You have to do some of the tastings in this course to see for yourself what the key varietals are like, but once you do, you’ll have as much confidence in a wine shop as you would when…

The Vineyard – Where Grapes are Grown

Fine wine grapes are just like other plants – kinda picky about where they grow. That’s why the Colorado Rockies give us beer (and baseball-nice combo!), and why you don’t find any Arctic Chard or Jamaican Pinot Grigio, mon. What are the characteristics of great Vineyard regions–the…

The Vintage – The Harvest Year

Cutting right to the chase: when it comes to wine, EVERY year is a “vintage year.” If that’s news to you, guess what–you’re not alone! This video will clear up the confusion around the 3rd V – Vintage – as well as alleviate, now and forever more, your stress around whether or not you are…

The Vintner – How Wine is Made

The 4th V in wine – the Vintner – is simply the winery or producer of the wine. And just like the food at two different Italian restaurants can vary because each has its own chef with a personal style of cooking, two different wines from the same Varietal, Vineyard region and Vintage can…

Understanding Wine Labels

A wine’s label can tell you everything you need to know about the wine’s taste, before you buy it, once you know how to decode the key types of labels, where to find the 4 V’s on wine labels, and your palate profile–that’s Section 4 and you’re almost there! But start here to get familiar with the main…

Tasting Wine at Home


How to Open a Bottle of Wine

Opening a bottle of wine is easy, with a little practice. If you are tasting along with this wine course, you’ll get plenty.

How to Store Wine

Not every wine is meant to age, but those that improve in the cellar can really be worth the wait. Here’s how to store your bottles to get the most enjoyment out of the wines you are cellaring, or saving for a special occasion. (Just don’t wait too long!)


How to Set up a Wine Tasting at Home

Home wine-tastings are a great way to learn: just gather your tasting buddies, and share the cost and fun. You can make it BYOB and G–everyone contributes a bottle for tasting, and brings and keeps up with their own wine glass. A tasting portion is about 1 1/2 oz per person (figure 12 tastes per…


How to Taste Wine Like a Pro

The best way to learn about wine is by tasting it (which happens to be a lot of fun!) But to really get the most from a wine you should use all your senses. Wine pros use a 5-step process that we call The 5 S’s of tasting – See, Swirl, Smell, Sip and Savor (or Spit). In this episode, I meet up with…

Ordering Wine at a Restaurant

Tips for Ordering Wine at a Restaurant

Ordering wine in a restaurant doesn’t have to be intimidating. The first tip is, stay away from places that make you feel like you have to be a big spender to get a good wine experience. Check out my foodie travel videos for great restaurants that do it right. In this video, my husband John was…

Finding the Gems on a Wine List

Sommeliers have a homing device for the gems (meaning the deals!) on a wine list, honed with long experience. Here are my top tips to instantly whip your wine list savvy into shape.

Finding a Wine YOU will Love

Understanding the Style attributes of Wine

Understanding what you like in a wine, and being able to describe it in a store or restaurant–the Holy Grail, right? After this video (and the tastings, ya gotta do the tastings–oh, bummer!) you will be able to do that. Awesome!


What’s YOUR Wine?

You meet all kinds when it comes to wine (and more!) at a bar. Check out the larger-than-life palate profiles I met on my last girls’ outing. It was the dawning of the Age of Oak-uarius, Earth Day and an Acid Trip, all in one visit. Luckily, I was saved by FAVE, and met my true match! What’s YOUR

Tasting for Sweetness

Many wines, including some that people think are “dry,” actually have a touch of sweetness that rounds out the ripe fruit taste and pairs beautifully with foods with a spicy kick. To see what I mean, taste along with this video, and then be sure to try the wines with a spicy snack like chips and…

Tasting for Acidity

Two tasters visiting Napa wine country from England on their first anniversary did this tasting with us. They both liked the softer-acid wine–I guess they can stay married!

Tasting for Tannins

My husband John loves wines with structured tannins, because they are a great foil for big dishes like steak. In this comparative tasting of two California Cabernets, he spotted the higher-tannin one immediately. If you taste along, be prepared: it’ll make you hungry!

Tasting for Body

Rick and Holly liked the lighter-bodied wine, or maybe…Sometimes it’s hard to decide!

The “Big 6″ Grapes


Intro to the “Big 6″

The best foundation for learning about wine is what I call the Big Six grapes: …

The “Big 6″ – White Wine Grapes

This is the perfect tasting for you to lock in floral and mandarin orange-y Riesling, lime-and-herb-scented Sauv Blanc, and fruit-drenched Chardonnay. After this tasting you’ll know what body style and taste to expect from the 3 most important white grapes in the quality wine world.

Tasting the “Big 6″ Red Wines

To taste it is to know it, and these 3 red grapes are THE most important to know–you see them everywhere! You’ll also see the range in tannin and body between smoky-cherries Pinot Noir, cedar & blackberry Cabernet Sauvignon & Merlot, and pepper & berries-tinged Syrah. Don’t mind if I do!

Andrea’s Flavor Map

The Flavor Map

Once you understand the Flavor Map – one of the most powerful concepts from my book Great Wine Made Simple, you can really use the label to predict the taste of the wine inside. Awesome!

Overview of Old World/New World


Overview of Old World vs. New World

The concept of old world/new world in wines is how sommeliers QUICKLY assess what a wine will be like, and whether or not their customer will like it. That’s because old world (European) wines and new world (the rest) wines have very distinct style differences. Watch the video to learn…


Overview of Old World Wine Regions

This video introduces you to what sommeliers call the “old world” of wine–basically, Europe. I’ve been lucky to shoot much of this course on-location in many of the world’s classic wine regions, so I hope you’ll check it out! After watching, I bet you’ll yearn to book your own “learning”.


Overview of the New World Wine Regions

The “new world” of wine refers to all growing regions EXCEPT the classic European wine regions. Watch this quick video – there are probably some new world regions that you didn’t even know produce quality wine.

Assessing Quality in Wine


Assessing Quality in Wine

Great quality in a wine – just like great quality in a house – doesn’t mean you will love it. You might prefer Victorian architecture over Tuscan–that’s style, not quality. This video defines the elements of quality in a wine.

Food and Wine Pairing


Overview of Core Food and Wine Pairing Principles

We’ve all heard the old (and washed-up, in my view!) pairing rule of “red wine with red meat, white wine with fish and white meat.” If you do it right, pairing wine and food is WAY more fun and flexible than that! And the real rules are neither hard to pull off, nor hard-and-fast.

The World Wine Tour


The World Wine Tour – Your Passport to a World Class Palate

My mentor Kevin Zraly once told me “you’ve got to go” to wine country to really learn wine at the source.These videos will take you there, virtually.


A Tour of French Wines

France is the most important wine country, for its long pedigree making fine wine, and also for another reason that will really help you understand wines and wine lists. Watch the video to find out (yes, there will be a test!).