Atlanta: Dinner at Bacchanalia

Bacchanalia is Atlanta’s restaurant jewel. It’s been a favorite of my husband John’s for years while he lived in Atlanta, and also enjoys national acclaim as a James Beard Award winner.  Needless to say I was thrilled to finally be able to go. You will be, too. It’s fantastic!

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Atlanta: Botanical Garden

Who knew I had the power to turn a frog into a hunky husband with one kiss?  Move over, Princess Tiana!  Seriously, the Atlanta Botanical Garden is an incredible place to stroll off those foodie weekend calories, exploring everything from rainforests to Japanese gardens.

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Click here for info on the Atlanta Botanical Garden.

Atlanta: Peidmont Park

Channel your inner 8-year-old and watch this video to see how the city of Atlanta rolled out the green carpet for me at Piedmont Park!

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Atlanta: The Georgia Aquarium

Every real foodie loves fish right?  We were too wussie to swim in the shark tank, but otherwise we did it all at the Georgia Aquarium, which is simply the best we’ve ever seen.  The beluga whales are amazing, and if you don’t have lunch reservations at one of our foodie recommendations, the casual Cafe Aquaria is pretty tasty, too!

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The Georgia Aquarium website’s virtual tour is a great way to plan your visit.

Atlanta Introduction

John lived in Atlanta for 16 years so he wanted to show off his favorite foodie memories. They say it’s never as good as you remember but in this case, it was for him and for me. Check out the amazing food scene in this vibrant city.

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For lots of great Atlanta info click here for the official city tourism web site.  And of course you have to fly there on my partners Delta Air Lines (another Atlanta icon!).

Rancho Caymus Inn

The Rancho Caymus Inn in is adorable and comfortable, and we love the location (and the owners – the Komes family who also own Flora Springs Winery).  It is in Rutherford, one of the most famous sub-regions of Napa, and known for great Cabernets for decades.  It’s right near Rutherford Grill which is casual, tasty, affordable and they never charge a corkage fee – nice!  Go early or late to avoid the crowds.  We haven’t yet tried the Italian restaurant at the Rancho Caymus Inn – Alex.  If you have, I’d love to hear what you think.